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Every day, Web 2.0 services are becoming more and more. There are even those who have achieved amazing results, and their value is expressed in millions of dollars. The leader…

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What features does a consumer loan online have?
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MySQL Query Browser
End users of web resources, as a rule, are deprived of the joy of direct communication with the MySQL database. But developers have it - more than enough. And here…

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Twilight CMS

The Content Manager System (CMS) site creation software class was created to facilitate the work of webmasters. These programs are distributed in different ways. As a rule, via the Internet, the benefit of the distributions of such software packages is not “heavy”. But here an interesting marketing ploy was invented by Strata Technology, starting to distribute its CMS Twilight through the retail network of Novy Disk, in the form of compact discs. This will allow to familiarize with the program to a wider circle of users.

Of course, the version presented on the CD has limitations related to the free status of its distribution. It is quite possible to use it for a detailed acquaintance with the capabilities of the CMS system service. A site created on the basis of the basic version from the CD will be fully functional, and yet:

The basic version does not contain complex services such as the catalog, the “basket”, the forum and others. Nevertheless, a site that can solve simple business problems can be assembled at the provided minimum;
The CD version contains a number of errors found after its publication. Errors are not critical. After purchasing the full version, a full patch to the system will be provided, correcting all errors found at the time of purchase;
the demo version does not contain full-featured caching of HTML pages before output, data compression for the front, data compression for the administration zone, updated and improved adminzone interface, sophisticated and speed-optimized data processing algorithms and other features;
most of the complex services in the demo do not have a debugging mode that facilitates the work of the site developer;
The demo version cannot be installed on a working site (with a second-level domain name).
Twilight system Twilight system has one of the most simple and convenient interfaces.

The Twilight system is characterized by a very user-friendly web interface. Convenient for both the webmaster and the content editor, an employee of some marketing or sales department. However, this does not mean that work in the system does not require any qualifications. To create a project based on Twilight, the webmaster must have a structured mindset, be able to impose HTML pages, have CSS knowledge and an initial understanding of the XML data format. The employee leading the project should understand how the content of the site differs from its design, understand the principles of the layout of pages for the Internet, be able to work with graphics, it is desirable to have structural thinking.

Admin of the Internet project in the local version
One of the strengths of the project can be called a very detailed documentation for developers and editors of the project. Familiarity with the manuals is enough for the development and maintenance of the project. The system is also described in great detail on the website of the CMS itself. The system does not use a DBMS, and it is impossible to connect an external database to it.

The system does not use a DBMS, and it is impossible to connect an external database to it. For reference books and product catalogs, a proprietary data format is used, which in some cases provides high speeds for searching for a specific item in the list (a search of 4,294,967,296 items will consist of just 31 iterations). Eliminating the use of external DBMS provides a lower level of requirements for the hosting site, lower requirements for system administration, and a reduction in the time spent on the deployment and maintenance of the site. In addition, there are certain advantages over traditional DBMS in terms of system security. In particular, SQL injection is not possible.

Internet Explorer version 5.5 and higher is required to manage the site. The server part of the site can work both under Windows and under Unix. The system does not require a DBMS, which allows you to install and transfer the system by simply copying files via FTP. No specially installed modules are required, which makes it possible to install it on almost any commercial hosting. When building the site excluded any programming operations.

According to the developers of the system (we have not tested it), a server with 2.4 GHz Pentium IV, IDE HDD, 1 GB of RAM can handle up to 300 connections per second without caching service and up to 1000 connections per second with the caching service turned on. Approximate predicted load (average site, average server) can be more than 1 million visitors per hour without loss of efficiency.

Using pseudonyms allows you to create unique and simple URLs of pages, rather than complex and poorly perceived type /redir.php?url=%2A%2A%2A%2A%2Fmediaguide.asp%3FWMPFriendly%3Dtrue%26locale%3D419%26version %3D9.0.0 .3250 and other species. Direct addresses are well indexed by search engines, optimization problems from site creators do not arise.

Site creation

Creating a site although it requires professional knowledge of HTML, but does not require programming skills. It is enough to be able to impose the image presented by the designer into the HTML code, to replace the necessary parts of the links to the images.

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