Twilight CMS
The Content Manager System (CMS) site creation software class was created to facilitate the work of webmasters. These programs are distributed in different ways. As a rule, via the Internet,…

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Setting up equipment for Stream
The article by Peter Didenko “Connecting and saving”, published on the pages of our publication, told about how to save money when connecting to the Stream channel. In today's article…

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Andrew Sebrant: the Internet of personal communication is not completely replaced by
Andrey Sebrant is one of the most professional and experienced Internet managers. The legend of the Russian Network, a man who is considered to be one of the founding fathers…

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Spammers began to unite in online clubs

Spammers also know the parable of the broom twigs, which are easy to break individually, but together it is almost impossible. And these bad people, which most normal people hate and despise, are united in the Internet community. They share their experience there, raise their morale and learn to resist those who struggle with them.

We already learned the opinion of our readers on this painful problem: the majority, 58%, said that spammers should be shot. But here we open the Wired magazine and read: The Bulk Club has been working for more than half a year on the Web (you can translate as “Mass Club” or “Wholesale”), with about 160 active members, I mean these damn spammers.

On the main page there is an ideological appeal, in which The Bulk Club Team is inspired to talk about how great mass mailings are and how great it all is. Fails, so to speak, the theoretical basis for spamming, and then the poor things were harassed at all.

Quote? In short: “Never before in the entire history of marketing, you could literally come into contact with millions of people for nothing! Did you hear what I said? Millions!

The time has come! If you notice, the Internet is not getting smaller. Please understand that email marketing (Email Marketing) is the best marketing tool available to you on the Internet! There are no limits – everything is in your hands! ”

Next comes the assertion that spam, in fact, is not really prohibited, there is nothing to be afraid of. The club promises to promptly post on the site all the information on the topic, as well as give practical advice and instructions, talk about the technologies and tools necessary for the successful activity of the spammer.

In short, the guys hard pretend that no they are not “Spammers”, but “Emailers”. They claim that the club’s goal is to promote “responsible” business methods, and they are engaged in one of the most promising types of commerce. Yes, yes, advertising business.
Why? Here is their math: sent out a million letters – got a response from 0.5% to 8%, that is, 50-80 thousand people, you multiply each by $ 10 and the profit is calculated – $ 5-80 thousand.

The question is: if the response is more than 8%, if not a dozen from the nose, but a hundred, if you send out not a million, but thirty million letters? Wealth is immense, naturally. How can you not join The Bulk Club and not pay a monthly fee of ridiculous $ 20?

Well, here – while the previous paragraph was written, the club’s website, as they say, “lay down,” probably not without help. “Overwhelmed”, and not the first and not the last time. A security breach once allowed the secret list to be pulled out with the names of The Bulk Club members.

The company, as was to be expected, was still in the club. For example, e-mailer Damon Dicreszenzo (Damon Decrescenzo), which is hunted by Microsoft and, the king of internet porn Seth Warshavsky (Seth Warshavsky) and the former neo-Nazi Davis Wolfgang Hawke, who now fill up mailboxes with the offer ” Enlarge Yor Pennis! ” Other. Only 159 activists.

It is one of the largest spam businessmen in the world, Tom Cowles. His office sends out billions of letters, from which, allegedly, has $ 12 million per year (photo

It is one of the largest spam businessmen in the world, Tom Cowles. His office sends out billions of letters, from which, allegedly, has $ 12 million per year (photo

An expert in the field of Internet security, co-founder of the company SPAMfighter Thor Larholm published this list. The very next day, the club’s site went to the well-known stage of “Under Construction”, although a day later the spammers eliminated the consequences of a hacker attack.
Apparently, there is no end to this confrontation, and this is not so important.

The main thing is that spammers really tasted cooperative actions, and there will be a lot of similar clubs in the near future.

Spammers unite against anti-spammers, and it remains to be hoped that the ranks of fighters with annoying mail will also be one. How is the club website? While “lies”, that’s nice.

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