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10 effective ways to “squeeze” the maximum out of your Wi-Fi router

What could be worse in the daily life of a person of the 21st century than a slow Internet? The fall in Internet speed leads to the destruction of nerve cells, the growth of aggression towards others, as well as a broken computer headset. That is why efforts should be made to ensure high-quality Wi-Fi coverage.

1. Update the firmware of the router
The easiest and least effective way to speed up the internet. To implement it, simply download the latest version of the software package from the manufacturer’s website. Before you start updating, you should be familiar with the revision data on the router.

2. Choose a free channel
If Wi-Fi routers are used in neighboring rooms, apartments or offices, then it makes sense to search for a free channel, since a selected device can actually serve several devices. The weakness of the signal in this case is due to the presence of competition.

3. Enable the 802.11n standard
Many modern devices immediately use the 802.11n communication standard. However, if the router is old enough, you should check if it supports this channel. The transition to it will significantly speed up the work.

4. Install the router and antenna correctly.
In order for the router to guarantee effective signal transmission, it should be put in the right place. It is best if the device is installed in the center of the room to a height of about 150 cm from the floor. Also, do not put it in a closet or niche.

The same goes for installing the antenna. It should be in the correct position relative to the receiving device.

5. Go to the frequency of 5 GHz and increase the power
Most modern routers have two main operating bands – 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Interestingly, most users still operate at a lower and less efficient frequency.

Also in modern routers you can control the signal strength. It is configured in the device configuration window.

6. Install a more powerful antenna or make a makeshift amplifier.
Conventional routers are equipped with antennas with a gain of 3 to 5 dBm. Significantly improve the signal quality by using an antenna with a factor of 9 ± 1 dBm. In addition, each user can build a signal amplifier from a regular beer can. It is done in 5 minutes with ordinary scissors.

7. Install the amplifier
Need to increase your Wi-Fi coverage? The best way is to purchase a suitable amplifier. It is important to remember that you need to install this gadget not where the signal already ends, but where it is still operating almost in full force.

8. Alternative firmware
Alternative firmware for the router can significantly increase the speed of the Internet. Such software is created by both enthusiastic users and companies specializing in this issue. The choice is only for the user.

9. Upgrade the receiver or buy a more powerful router.
The most obvious, but at the same time the most expensive, that can be done to improve the quality of Wi-Fi coverage. However, most antennas are not so expensive, and therefore recommends thinking about such an acquisition, if the communication speed does not satisfy all the needs of the user.

10. Control your internet
Finally, do not forget that the speed of the Internet can also fall due to illegally connecting to the router personalities. It is for this reason that you should make every effort to ensure security, come up with a good password for the router, and from time to time check the list of devices connected to Wi-Fi.

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What could be worse in the daily life of a person of the 21st century than a slow Internet? The fall in Internet speed leads to the destruction of nerve…


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