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We build a browser-independent site
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The first beta version of Firefox 3

The main event of the past week, apparently, should be considered the release of the first beta version of the Mozilla Firefox 3 browser. Among the innovations, developers note additional mechanisms to improve security, improved password management and installation of plug-ins, new download manager features.

The browser engine has been redesigned to improve the display of fonts and graphics, as well as expanding support for CSS and providing support for color profiles. The bookmarks system has also been completely reworked: bookmarks, as well as the history of visits, are now stored in the built-in SQLite database, which allows us to talk about increasing reliability and increasing speed of work.

Although at first glance it is noticeable that the new version of the popular browser works much faster than the previous one, it is hardly possible to recommend a program for everyday use – there are still too many uncorrected errors.

Briefly about the rest of the week.

A $ 2 billion photo has been uploaded to Flickr. This message has been confirmed by representatives of the company Yahoo !, which owns this service. In addition, the company once again reminded of its plans to expand the possibilities of photo hosting.

In particular, over the next two months, paid account owners will have the opportunity to use the online photo editing tool developed by Picnic. Among the functions of the online application are scaling, cropping, rotating images, exposure compensation, adjusting the color temperature, sharpness, blurring, removing red eye, and the ability to save edited images.

Google AdSense users should pay attention to another innovation: now, to follow a link in a text advertisement, the user will have to point the cursor directly to the ad title or to the site address (previously, to go to the advertiser’s site, it was enough to click the mouse on any part of the ad ).

Apparently, the changes were made by the administration of the system in order to reduce the number of random clicks. In the short term, this could mean a reduction in revenue for webmasters using Google AdSense. But it cannot be denied that improving the quality of advertising campaigns may affect the attractiveness of the service for advertisers only positively.

The results of the first stage of registration in the top-level domain .ASIA have become known. According to the administrator of this domain zone, a total of about 15 thousand applications were received.

Despite the fact that at the initial stage it was allowed to register only the names corresponding to the name of the company or the name of the registered trademark, two or more applications were submitted for 622 domains. By the number of domains registered in the new zone, Australia is currently leading (3,450 domains), followed by Hong Kong (3,397 domains). A noticeable number of applications also came from countries not related to the Asian region: in particular, 4,920 applications came from the United States, 1,269 from the United Kingdom and 1,235 from France.

While public attention is riveted on the news of the Asian domain zone, messages about the possible opening of another top-level domain are coming. The domain zone .TEL will be designed to store user contact information: we are talking about phone numbers, website addresses, instant messaging numbers, and e-mail addresses. It is assumed that registration in the new zone will open in the first half of next year.

Telnic has been working on the discovery of this TLD since 1998. The first application to ICANN in this regard was sent in 2000, but only six years later the project was approved.

As usual, complete the review with informational announcements.

On November 20, 2007, .masterhost announced the launch of a new line of hosting services on the Windows platform. The users are offered the following services: VPS, server equipment rental and license rental.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a solution that combines the advantages of a dedicated server with extremely low maintenance costs. Thanks to the use of Virtuozzo virtualization technology, clients receive isolated virtual environments running Windows Server 2003 running on a single physical server and OS instance, administrative access to a remote desktop, and the ability to fine tune a web server and install their own applications.

The server equipment rental service implies providing the user with the possibility of self-administration of the server. At the same time, the customer is not required to purchase licensed software, since the cost of renting software products is included in the subscription fee.

License rental (Software as a Service) provides the ability to use Microsoft software installed on .masterhost servers

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