Warning network attacks.
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Prepagos en Bogota
What is contextual advertising
It's no secret that search engines provide the highest quality traffic on the modern Internet. And indeed, people who find a website for search queries, in most cases, know exactly…

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7 "hard" examples of how in different countries they are trying to control the functioning of the Internet
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7 ways to make sure that the Internet knows everything about everyone

Modern technology really knows no boundaries. With the development of the Internet, information has become worth its weight in gold. Confidentiality has become another important value in our world. And if a person really believes that being in a comfortable house, at a computer, he is completely alone and is not needed by anyone, then this person is in the deepest of delusions.

1. “Secret file” with search queries
Google Corporation allows the user to see all the data that she collects about him. First of all, these are search queries, as well as links to viewed videos, routes on maps, interaction with advertising.

2. Application form that was not filled
All the same corporation Google is about each user a huge profile that forms a “portrait”. The company has not only information about age and sex. There is a list of possible interests – hobbies, cinema, games and other hobbies. All this is necessary for the company to implement advertising.

3. “Bug” in your pocket
If you have a device based on Android, then Google knows about all your movements. The company also does not hide this fact and even allows you to see your “map”. What is it for? Everything is very simple, to optimize all the same advertising for a specific user.

4. Social dossier
Facebook allows the user to get a copy of all the data that she has on his account. After confirming the identity, the digital giant will send an impressive data archive to the user’s mail. There will be absolutely everything from photos, friends and contacts, to activity from devices and interaction with advertising.

5. Well, very accurate advertising
The social network Facebook will also allow the user to find out why he sees this particular advertisement with the help of the function “Why do I see it?” As in the case of Google, the user will be assigned a full set of factors by which advertising is selected for him.

6. “Portrait” for marketers
Facebook users can find out what specific data they are used by network marketers directly on their page. Moreover, they can prohibit companies from using any information about them when recommending a “clicked” page to other users. Without this prohibition, the social network constantly refers to your name.

7. Diary of movements
But the social network “Vkontakte” although it collects all the same data about its users, it does not give anyone a look. All you can find out is a history of inputs with a list of used devices. In addition, “Vkontekte” allows advertisers to “catch up” the page by phone number. Remember this when you fill out the next questionnaire in the store.

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