Svg as foreboding
Generally speaking, the hype around Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) began almost immediately after the W3C assembled the SVG Working Group, led by Chris Lilley, and announced the standard. This happened…

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Popular Copywriting Exchange
The copywriting profession is becoming increasingly popular among novice freelancers. Accordingly, the number of sites providing them with a field for activity, that is, exchanges, is growing. Experienced copywriters know…

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Domains with & nb p; exhibitions
Day of national unity for the whole day reduced the already short working week. Holidays, I must say, generally relax great - maybe that is why the flow of news…

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Secrets of profitable online shopping: 6 ways to properly save on the Internet

In online stores now you can find anything from toys to lawn mowers. Often they are cheaper than regular outlets. And the choice is more – in half an hour you can “visit” a dozen stores without leaving your home. In short, it’s time to gradually switch to online shopping. But for this, it is not enough to learn how to arrange, pay for orders and choose the best delivery options – you need to understand how you can safely and correctly save your money without giving away too much.

Buy only what you need

If you even bought with a huge discount a thing that you don’t need – you didn’t save, but spent money for nothing. Obviously? No matter how wrong! Surely you or your loved ones at least once found themselves in a situation where they could not refrain from “an incredibly advantageous offer”, although it was a question of a thing that is now gathering dust in the closet.

Prone to spontaneous shopping? Come to the online store for specific products and evaluate each profitable offer from the position “Do I really need this? Will it be used? ”If the answer is no, don’t even look at the size of the discount.

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday
Buy cheaper these days! But with the mind.

Check how profitable the price of the product, compare with the cost of competitors. The classic scheme: the product costs 5,000 rubles, on Black Friday, the seller sets the price to 12,000 rubles, and then reduces them to 4,900 rubles. It seems a huge discount. In fact, you save 100 p. Even worse, if the seller sets the price “at a discount” above the market average.

Look at the offer:
But the options in other stores:
Compare prices. No discount – the same or even cheaper. Some stores compensate part of the cost due to delivery, at this point, too, need to pay attention.

Pay attention to the conditions of the promotion. Sometimes, in order to lure customers, they advertise a product that is sold at a discount in limited quantities (and you, of course, do not have time to order it) or have already ended. This is done with the expectation that you will buy something at full price or with a minimum discount.

Be careful when buying goods that are not refundable (items of personal hygiene, including wigs and hair curlers, cosmetics, perfumes, household chemicals, underwear, tights, etc.) If you order them, then only in an online store with a good reputation. A dishonest company can use Black Friday to get rid of illiquid assets.

Prepare for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday: make a list of the products you need and look for them.

Seasonal or organized according to the principle “a brand new product has come out – the former product has fallen in price” is especially good. If you know that in any case, you need a new down jacket – do not wait for winter. Buy it in the summer or spring, when the prices of such goods will be lower.

You can also follow the sale of “obsolete” collections of brands.

Joint purchases
This method makes it possible to buy goods at wholesale prices and save on delivery – a good solution if the process is well organized.

Joint purchases have disadvantages: as a rule, a limited range, you have to adapt to other participants and wait for the order to be collected. In addition, there are risks – you have to trust unfamiliar people. A separate moment – the organizer makes a premium of about 5-15%, the money goes to pay for his services. And there are cases when, as a result, the size of the discount for a particular buyer does not outweigh the disadvantages listed above.

On the other hand, joint purchases are sometimes really beneficial. And besides, give the opportunity to meet interesting people.

There are hundreds of services that offer cashback for online shopping. On the one hand, this is good – a great choice. On the other hand, bad – a lot of dummies, and even dangerous fraudulent schemes.

Plus this option – you return yourself a part of the money spent. Cons – you need to look for a reliable service and have to wait until the minimum amount to withdraw. If you buy rarely and little, this method will not work for you. But if you make orders often and spend a total of large sums – try to use it.

Promotional codes and promotions
Use the service, which contains discount coupons and links to special offers. The advantages of this option are that you do not need to participate in the organization of the process, as with joint purchases, bother with withdrawing funds, as with cashbacks, and monitor dozens of brands, as with seasonal sales. You save immediately with every purchase. While saving a lot.

For example, in the adidas company store, the X_PLR Sneakerboot model sneakers cost 8900 rubles, and thanks to a 40% discount, you can buy them for 4900 rubles:

There is no commission: the sellers themselves pay for the services of the service, because thanks to the coupons and discounts they manage to attract new buyers. Everything is safe and transparent: you place an order in the online store, and not in the service itself. The service only selects the best offers for you:

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