Honest spam
Everyone knows that recently the Internet has become used, on the one hand, much simpler and more convenient - a lot of different services have appeared, the interfaces of sites…

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Zaekranye Facetop: helping hand from otherworldly friend
Imagine that the texts, folders, and other objects on your monitor suddenly became translucent, and you saw that another person was sitting on that side of the glass and, pointing…

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Andrew Sebrant: the Internet of personal communication is not completely replaced by
Andrey Sebrant is one of the most professional and experienced Internet managers. The legend of the Russian Network, a man who is considered to be one of the founding fathers…

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Manage tabs “fire fox”

If you often search for information you need on the Web, sooner or later you will have to use some mechanism that simplifies working with open browser windows. Most modern “walkers” have a built-in ability to open new tabs within the main application window. In order to somehow solve the problem with the complexity of navigating through multiple windows, special extensions were developed for the Mozilla flagship browser. Today we will talk about the TabMix extension for Firefox.

Extension installation

Installing the new Firefox extension is extremely simple.

The extension itself can be found on this site. Installation also comes down to clicking the “Install” link and confirming the need for installation. There is, however, one nuance connected with the fact that Firefox installs extensions only from those sites that are explicitly registered in the configuration of this browser. When you try to install an extension from a site that was not previously listed in this list, an information panel will appear on top of the browser window about the impossibility of installing software from the current node. In this case, you should click the mouse on this panel and add the current site to the list of websites that you trust and from which you will install extensions in the future. You also have the opportunity to add the site you need from the browser settings window. To do this, select the main menu item Firefox “Tools – Settings.” In the window that appears, point to the “Web functions” section (activation is performed using the buttons located in the left part of the window). Next, click the “Allowed sites” button (this is possible when the “Allow sites to install software” checkbox is selected) and edit the list of web sites from which installation of extensions is allowed. This procedure is performed both for sites from which a single installation will be performed (both for the TabMix extension) and for sites on which you will be constantly extending extensions. After installing a one-time extension, it makes sense to pick up an unnecessary more URL from the list of Web sites whose content you trust.

Fire Foxes Web Settings Window
After downloading and installing the extension, do not forget to turn off all copies of Firefox, then launch it again. Only under this condition will you be able to use the functions of this extension in your “hot fox” (Firefox does not yet have an official translation of its name into Russian, while in the Web there are basically two options for this translation: “hot fox” and “fire Fox”).

Configuring TabMix Extension

The TabMix extension (the same ability, however, other Firefox plug-ins also have) is configured using the “Extensions” window (“Tools – Extensions” menu). Simply select TabMix from the list of available extensions and click the Settings button at the bottom of the Extensions window.

TabMix functionality is fully and completely configured using the controls of the settings window (the Options window is called up by the Settings button from the Firefox Extensions window). The set of options offered to the user is quite large. For this reason, the Options window is divided into several tabs:

Link – link management;
Tab – advanced functions for working with tabs;
Appearance – setting the appearance of the extension;
Mouse – browser control with the mouse;
Menu – controls the behavior of the context menu for the tab header and web browser.
Link options

The first tab of the extension window offers you to customize the capabilities of the “fox”, sharpened to work with hyperlinks. You can determine whether a new browser window will be created when clicking on a link that clearly indicates to the browser the need for such an action (a special attribute may be specified in the hyperlink). And if in the drop-down list “Force new windows to open in” select the type “New Tab”, then all links will open in new tabs. You can also specify how the link activated in the context of the operating system or another application will open (for example, when typing URLs in the application launch window and installing Firefox as the default operating system browser). In addition, you can set the mode for opening websites (using the checkboxes located on the “Link” tab), which are registered in tabs in a new tab. In the same way, web pages with search results (in the search window in the registered search engines) and groups of bookmarks (for example, RSS feeds) can be displayed.

Link functions for advanced users

In the “Links” settings tab, it is possible to display the so-called advanced settings. To do this, activate the “Normal” link in the lower right corner of the “Links” tab. After activation, the following functions will become available:

forced opening of all web links in new browser tabs. This feature is very useful when installing web applications when you need to analyze the process.

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