The first beta version of Firefox 3
The main event of the past week, apparently, should be considered the release of the first beta version of the Mozilla Firefox 3 browser. Among the innovations, developers note additional…

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Offline browser
Today, the software arsenal of any more or less active user of the Global Network consists of a considerable number of various utilities. There are among them an email client,…

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Zaekranye Facetop: helping hand from otherworldly friend
Imagine that the texts, folders, and other objects on your monitor suddenly became translucent, and you saw that another person was sitting on that side of the glass and, pointing…

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The whole truth about the & nb p; Network

In no country in the world is a well-known software maker reconciled with the emergence of domains, including its name or trademarks belonging to it. This was the case with the domain

Based on the UDRP rules, Microsoft filed a complaint with the Arbitration and Mediation Center of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Lawyers of the corporation were able to prove all the reasons for the transfer of the domain: firstly, the domain name is similar to the plaintiff’s trademark, secondly, the domain owner does not have legal rights to this domain name and, thirdly, the domain is registered and is used in bad faith. In fact, products and services of competitors of Microsoft Corporation were advertised on this site, criticism of the company was posted, and the site itself was called “Microsoft India”.

Taking into account the above circumstances, the WIPO arbitrator found it fair to transfer the contested domain name to Microsoft. It is worth noting that, unlike in other countries of the world, there have been cases in Russia where the world giant refused to prosecute domain owners that are similar to its trademarks.

However, this is somehow not serious. Much more interesting is another event. The virtual space of the Northern Mariana Islands may soon become the refuge of mobile sites. DotMP Sunrise offers companies and organizations one way or another connected with mobile phones to register a second-level domain in the .MP zone.

In March of this year, a group of major companies tried to “knock out” the right to create and manage a public domain .mobi. It was assumed that the sites whose address will have the end of .mobi, will provide services to users of the mobile Internet, including owners of laptops and cell phones working in the WAP protocol. An application filed for the .mobi domain was the Mobi JV Alliance, consisting of nine computer and telecommunications companies, including Microsoft, Samsung and Nokia.

ICANN, which is responsible for the assignment of addresses and names on the Internet, decided to “deny” because the idea was considered useless and even harmful for the structure of the entire Network.

Without hesitation, dotMP Sunrise has deciphered the domain name of the Northern Mariana Islands as a “mobile phone” (MP) and now offers everyone to register mobile sites for $ 180 a year, while honestly stating that the price will increase.

In general, shamelessly profit from poor Internet users – worse than merchants in the bazaar. But enough of the sad things – ahead of us are waiting for the news of the “local spill.”

Hosting provider Arbatek announces a new tariff plan of virtual hosting “Elite +” at the price of 12 cu per month. The main advantages of the “Elite +” tariff plan are free domain registration when paying for hosting for three months, 500 MB of disk space, an unlimited number of MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

The new tariff also offers an unlimited number of mailboxes and subdomains, 10 additional and parallel domains, as well as the traditional set of virtual hosting tariffs of Arbatek. These include unlimited traffic, a 30-day money-back guarantee, 2 months of free hosting when switching from another provider, opening an account in 60 minutes, and many others.

In addition, since August 24, the company’s customers have the opportunity to use the site management system NetCat on their websites. A special version of NetCat Small Business can be installed and used for free.

The hosting company PeterHost.Ru reported that since August 22, the disk plans for Beta, Omega and Vega have been increased.

The increase in available user space for hosting users is 260, 360 and 400 MB for Beta, Omega and Vega, respectively. Thus, now the space occupied is: for the Beta tariff plan – 580 MB, for Omega – 880 MB, and for Vega – 1400 MB. At the same time, the cost of services for the specified tariff plans has not changed.

More details about PeterHost.Ru tariff plans can be found on the company’s website.

Zenon N.S.P. Company installed Zend Optimizer and Turck MMCache on a virtual unix hosting. The main functions of these programs are optimizing and accelerating the execution of PHP scripts (compilation and caching) and the ability to run coded scripts (Zend Optimizer allows you to execute scripts encoded with Zend Encoder, Turck MMCache has its own encoding mechanism).

Users have a unique opportunity to choose the PHP configuration they need – PHP without optimizers, Zend Optimizer, Turck MMCache, Turck MMCache and Zend Optimizer combination (if, for example, you need to run scripts encoded with Zend Encoder, but use accelerator from Turck MMCache) or your own php.ini (completely independent configuration management PHP.

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Offline browser
Today, the software arsenal of any more or less active user of the Global Network consists of a considerable number of various utilities. There are among them an email client,…